If Rappers Were Drugs

If Rappers Were Drugs

We took some of R&B’s great artists from the past two decades and tried to figure out what drug best represents them.

Kanye - LSD

LSD and Kanye are like two peas in a pod. Most of the things Kanye says makes you wonder if you’re hallucinating. LSD makes you hallucinate and is probably less trippy than some of Kanye’s lyrics. For example, in hit song N**** in Paris, he says, “Got my n***** in Paris and they going gorillas”, but nobody even knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going. Just like, that’s right, you guessed it, LSD.

Kendrick Lamar - Children’s Motrin

Kendrick is pretty hardcore, huge fan base of thugs, so this is pretty self-explanatory. Snorting Children’s Motrin is just about the hardest drug you can do. According to a source close to the artist; however, Kendrick doesn’t think even he could handle more than one or two hits of the notorious hallucinogen. “Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with this,” said the rapper, shuddering at the thought of such an insane high.

The Wiggles - Heroin

The Wiggles and heroin - that shit is addictive. If you’ve ever had fruit salad, you know it’s yummy yummy. That fruit salad song got stuck in your head as a child and probably still does from time to time. If it doesn’t, it means your parents deprived you of a childhood, and you probably will be living in their basement after you graduate. Heroin is much the same, except it won’t be your parents’ basement, it’ll be a jail cell.

Missy Elliott - Molly

Both have redneck names. 

Eminem -  Expensive Cocaine

That boy is white as snow and damn fine. Just look at him. Beautiful. Fine. Energized.     

Lil Dicky - Weed

These guys will just keep you laughing, and if you smoke a lot of the marihuanas, you’ll end up thinking a beard is a good idea, just like Lil D!

Ice-T - Crack

Ice-T and crack were both hits, becoming very popular in a short amount of time. However, they dropped off the map pretty fast and now the only place you can find them is on long-running cop shows struggling for life. 


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