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The Best Places to Cry on Campus

When was the last time you cried? If it was fairly recent, you are probably one of two things: a miserable wretch or a STEM major (or both). Regardless, Vanderbilt offers a trove of suitable places for any kind of cry session. Here is my comprehensive list of the best places to cry on campus, for every crier.

BREAKING: Bedbugs Not in Central Library

NASHVILLE, TN — Vanderbilt University’s Central Library is not currently infested with bedbugs. Students are not encouraged to use caution when not studying for the remainder of the semester, especially when not using the library’s couches and other upholstered surfaces.

First-Year Returns to High School as God among Men

Upon his return to his former high school in Tampa, Florida, Vanderbilt first-year Stephen Williams was met with worship, awe, and reverence. Current high school seniors lined up before the now-deity for several miles, each prepared with a bouquet of roses and at least fifteen questions about how to get into Vanderbilt and what college is like.